Removal Process



Note: Before a placement can be completed in FACTS, the Custody/Status screen, Court Screens and Removal screen must be completed. See >Court and Custody Process= and >Child Placement= desk guides for instructions on the completion of those screens.


Steps to document the removal of a child from caretaker(s):


Be sure that you have completed all the client screens, Custody-Status and if necessary the required Court screens in the case, especially the blue highlighted fields as these are the fields required for AFCARS reporting and IV-E eligibility. The Relationship screen must be completed showing all the parents and their relationship to the child, that includes absent and unknowns. If you don=t complete the Relationship screen you cannot complete the Removal screen. Complete the Address screen located under the Demographics icon on the child and on the parent/guardian/caretaker, with Permanent Home Address at time of removal. Complete the Status screen indicating the current legal and physical custody status for the child.






Select the Removal button from the Placement focus. This screen has an inset grid at the top which will maintain a history of all of the child=s removals from caretakers/parents. The screen also has e tabs: Removal Information, Removal Context, Parent/Guardian Information, and Reasonable Efforts & Conditions.


Removal Information Tab

This tab documents the type of removal of the child from the caretaker's home. There are five types of removal and each type is documented differently. If the child was removed due to a court order, all the details of the petition and the hearing must be documented in the Court section. On the Court Order screen, the Hearing/Review Outcome must be Court Ordered Child Removal. If the Hearing/Review Outcome is not Court Ordered Removal, a court number will not populate the Court Number picklist. This is a mandatory field and without it the screen cannot be added.


If the child was voluntarily removed from the caretaker by placement or relinquishment, this has to be documented on the Custody Status screen. A court number is not mandatory.


If the child is removed from a caretaker through protective custody, this has to be documented on the Petition screen and if needed, in the Hearing section. A court number is not mandatory.


Exit Custody and Care is a new section. The Removal End Date will be populated by the system based on data entered on the Enter/Exit screen. If a worker enters a date in this field while the child is in placement, there is an edit that says >You must record the child=s exit from placement in order for the child to be returned home=.


If a placement has not been made, the worker can enter a date in this field.


Removal Context Tab

Complete >Child Removed From:= and >Caretaker Family Structure= picklists. Next, indicate the >Primary Caretaker Child Removed From:= and the Secondary Caretaker if appropriate. If child is only being removed from one caretaker, do not complete the >Secondary Caretaker= picklist. Living Arrangement Details- document that child lived with specified relative within 180 days of removal and child=s living arrangement. Reason for Removal text field - document detailed reason for removal


Parent/Guardian Information Tab

Address of Parent/Guardian at Time of Removal is system populated, if it has been documented on the Client/Demo/Address screen. Describe how Parent=s Rights Regarding Removal were Safeguarded is a text box and worker is to fully explain what steps were taken to safeguard the parent=s rights.


Reasonable Efforts & Conditions Tab

Either Reasonable Efforts Made to Prevent Removal or Reasons For Not Making Reasonable Efforts are mandatory, as well as the Conditions section. Complete these sections using the Select boxes.


When the screen is Added the COPY button will enable. The Copy command button is used to copy the information that was entered on the Removal Screen for this particular child to other children who have open custody. Highlight the appropriate child(ren) you want the information copied to, click on the downward arrows, selecting the appropriate court number, primary and secondary caretaker. Click OK.


Be sure and record on the Contacts screen any contacts you made during the removal process. Upon receipt of the Emergency Ratifications and Court Orders, enter information on the Document Tracking screen located under the >Other= icon. Import any other documents to the Case File Cabinet.



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