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Active FACTS Module: Provider Look Up System (PLUS)

FACTS PLUS allows registered Providers to view information about their services provided via Statewide FACTS system. If you are providing services to West Virginia clients through the FACTS System , you may request a FACTS PLUS account. You will be notified about your application once it has been evaluated by FACTS Staff.


To provide the best possible customer service during the current COVID-19 pandemic and to help process new applications with minimal delays, we are asking that any new FACTS PLUS application packets be submitted electronically, where possible.

This can be accomplished by scanning the completed application packet (the application, confidentiality statement, and agency director letter on agency letterhead), then emailing the scanned documents to the FACTS Help Desk at dhhrfactshd@wv.gov.

Because the FACTS Staff are working remotely, FACTS PLUS Application packets received via fax and regular mail will be processed as soon as we return to the office.

About the Families and Children Tracking System of West Virginia

FACTS (Families and Children Tracking System) is a large customized statewide automated Case Management System for all Child Welfare and Adult Service Programs. FACTS was established for the administration of Title IV-E Child Welfare Programs (child protective services, foster care services, independent living services, family preservation services, and adoption services).  more...